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We’ve developed communication strategies for company restructures, content for social media campaigns, directed crawling babies wearing sweatbands, animated explainer videos like there’s no tomorrow and created whole brand identities that didn’t exist last financial year. We’re fresh, agile and look for creativity in various spaces; more recently in the 360 video and virtual reality space. 

It must be noted, that whilst we love people and content, we take business objectives, output and delivery very seriously, if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s clear communication and delivery on time. A scrumptious cheese platter, a nice bottle of wine and the occasional doughnut delivery sums up most of what you need to know about us.


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our team

Lindsay Rogers Team Chello

Lindsay Rogers  — 

Co-Founder and Director of Strategy

Growing up Lindsay had two imaginary best friends, Ali and Ixox (ik-socks). To this day she's not really sure where their names came from but apparently they were favourite tea time guests and subsequently shaped her childhood (it explains a lot). Twenty something years later we're proud to see that she's now made a few real life friends. With a background in production, a love for new ideas, a sprinkling of nerd and spoonful of inappropriate banter, Linds always has time for a coffee. 

Tristan Velasco Team Chello

Tristan Velasco  — 

Co-Founder and Creative Director

With a bunch of time on 'client side', Tristan knew it was time to give full-time content creation a red hot go. He's a lover of getting down to it, making a way and solving problems. Tris is all about creating cool stuff; written, typography inspired, hand drawn, painted or shot, he's got the eye. An early riser, soy flat white drinker and golf extraordinaire. Tris believes ideas come in many forms and that's the complexity of our weird and wonderful brains.

Jd Stone Team Chello

Jd Stone  — 


Jennifer goes by the moniker “Jd”. To the uninitiated, this makes absolutely zero sense because her initials are JS. But sometimes marriage can ruin a nickname cultivated over years and you can’t let a husband get in the way of that kind of investment, right? With a cheeky ten years spent working in broadcast media and advertising, Jd puts the pro in production – that and she's one of those weird people who can read a book while walking.

Celina Siriyos Team Chello



Do you have a pop cultural memory that cannot be Googled? Celina’s is a Gregorian chant version of ‘Ghetto Supastar’ which she heard in a Sanity at some point near the turn of the millennium. She is unsure now if it was just an elaborate figment of her imagination or a genuine stroke of genre-crossing genius that cannot be unearthed by the internet. In the time between (supposedly) hearing this song and the current day Celina has managed to: kill a litany of plants, learn Japanese book-binding, and become a writer. She loves turbulence but is terrified of amusement park rides.

Chantelle Bertino-Clarke Team Chello

Chantelle bertino-clarke  — 

Associate Producer

Like most people worth knowing, Chantelle is an advocate for Nutella and avocado. (Not at the same time however.) In another life she would be running around on court instead of on set – she was once recruited for college basketball in the States but turned it down to follow more cinematic dreams. She keeps basketball close to her heart via an enduring love of LeBron. Chantelle's other passions include film, horses and gratuitous puns. Oh, it's hap-punning! 

Shea Bennett Team Chello



Shea (pronounced like shea butter, not shay-ah as Tristan discovered on day one) spent a lot of time in Asia shooting fast cars and luxury brands and joined our team to capture and release killer shots. An avid lover of James Bond books as well as the movies, he enjoys the fast pace and vicariously living a scandalous lifestyle. Between the hours of 12-2am you'll probably find Shea with a breakfast burrito in hand, because yolo, he believes you can enjoy a breakfast burrito at any time of the day. 

Tim Kho Team Chello



Most children know what they want to be when they grow up – Astronaut, Fire-fighter, Movie Star. When Tim was a child he wanted to be a Raptor. Yes, you read that correctly – he wanted to be a dinosaur. Even for a kid that’s just weird. Luckily, Tim grew up to be an absolute stellar Videographer and Editor, cutting his teeth by creating stunning Wedding Films with emotive storytelling. In his spare time, Tim enjoys partaking in heroic dungeon raids on World of Warcraft with his level 90, Paladin. Or at least we make people think he does.

Sean Pointing Team Chello



Fun fact: Sean (a UK-import) has no sense of smell. Fortunately, having no sense of smell means Sean’s other senses have developed at a Super-human rate - his eagle-eye vision in particular enables him to compose shots with pinpoint precision while his god-like hearing means he can hear like, really well.  He’s also super enthusiastic about motion graphics, typography and the monarchy (we guess). When he’s not-not smelling things, he spends his free time riding his BMX and paddling his fishtail short-board with his unnaturally small feet. Feel free to ask Sean what things he can’t smell (which spoiler alert – is everything).

Louis Smith Team Chello

Louis smith  — 

DESIGNER & Developer

Meet Louis: a UK import who's also twofer. He designs and codes. We're only a little bit jealous. He has an unfathomable love of bananas and claims his record is thirty in a day. (Note: Chello does not endorse a diet that leaves no room for cheese or donuts.) Our doubly talented Louis learned to backflip a BMX at the tender age of 15 and also procured the nickname WIFI at uni... but you'll have to ask him exactly why.

Alicia Goodmanson Team Chello



“Do you really think you can trust your plants?” asks graphic designer Alicia to her Chello colleagues. “You’re paranoid,” we tell her, but she doesn’t listen. While an absolute genius when it comes to graphic design and innovative solutions, her distrust of plants is frightening – and has become a big advocate of sticking googly eyes onto her Cactus plants so she can tell where she stands with them. When Alicia isn’t caring for abusive greenery, she enjoys fusing creative design with emerging technologies – taking inspiration from tangible experiences and rainbows.

Natalie Wong Team Chello

natalie wong  — 


Natalie prefers dogs to people. We know this is true because whenever we go out for lunch or drinks we'll invariably turn around to find that Nat has somehow coaxed a dog into her arms. Luckily she has her own staffy to shower adoration on: his name is Percy – or Percival if he's being naughty. Nat travels for food and has had the very distinct pleasure of eating both tarantula and starfish. (She turned down the sheep's appendage though.) She talks a big game but it's yet to be verified whether she does make a mean chocolate meringue almond torte.

William Nghiem Team Chello



Things Will dislikes: attention, wasted time and negativity. But he likes movies, all kinds of movies, from sappy rom coms to high-brow cinema. Will is likely to be entangled in an art, illustration, or handicraft project at any one point in time. He also claims to be quite flexible but we are yet to verify this in an office flex-off. He lives by the quote, “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” (And just quietly, we think it shows in his work.)


HAmish sutton— 


Hamish is cursed with the inability to realise when his stomach is full. As a result he eats close to his body weight everyday and thinks about food more than the average person. This will be an issue if he ever lives out his dream of filming powerful documentaries in dangerous, remote locations. He likes plants more than people (probably because they can’t eat his food) and his house could easily be confused with a rainforest. He is running out of surfaces to put his plants on. Send help! Or more plant stands.

jacob hogarth — 


Diagnosing himself as “severely ginger”, Jacob believes he would be happiest living underwater. Presumably, to escape the brutality of the Australian sun. Also, he loves the ocean and all the scuba diving it facilitates. His favourite animal is the humpback whale and he can never go back on this claim, because he went and tattooed a whale on himself. He doubles down on his season’s greetings by celebrating Chrismukkah each year.



Raul is like an exotic Spanish King, except without a crown and instead with a camera as his staff. He's our resident photographer and loves everything minimalistic - we can't keep up with his cool. Always up for a joke and making people feel comfortable in front of camera, "Rui" as he's affectionately known, shoots some royally brilliant shots.

Rowena Clarke Team Chello



Despite her passion for all things’ photography related – Rowena is not a fan of Nickelback’s ‘Photograph’. But then again, nobody is. She does however enjoy The Cure’s ‘Pictures Of You’ and ‘Hey Man Nice Shot’ by Filter. Rowena’s fascination with photography started when she saw her grandfathers wartime photographs of his time riding camels in Egypt – and has gone on to be published by titles such as The New York Home Observer and Cosmopolitan Bride. We often like to ask Rowena to look at our photographs…because every time we do it makes us laugh.




Known for his penchant of food, stuffed toys and shoes, Nacho parades the Chello studio with style. The six month old British Bulldog joined us as our fifth team member and reminds us daily of where he sits in the Chello barking order, which is indeed at the top. Nacho still hates the team for dressing him up as Mrs Claus for the Christmas photos, he recognises that it was funny at the time however his fun/cute/playful puppy days have now come to an end. 



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