we're a
curious bunch
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An audience's attention span is a scarce resource. But we aim to seize it with crafty, creative content that rises above the cacophony.

So... what is content, exactly? 

Content can be a photograph of a pet turtle, a written rant against people who stand on the wrong side of the escalator, a GIF that expresses your emotions when you can't; it could be a visual and verbal identity for a shoelace company, a vox pop video asking what people eat when no one's watching, or an animation that teaches you exactly how the Emu War went down (spoiler: not well).

And – because we specialise in branding and content; we combine imagination with technical ability. With inquisitiveness and zeal, we fight the sloppy and same-same, because brilliant brands make the world a more interesting place to be.





meet the team

Lindsay Rogers Team Chello

Lindsay Rogers  — 


Lindsay was once fired from a magazine, perhaps because her communication skills extend far beyond a glossy page. In fact, she knows the phonetic and fingerspelling alphabets, is an absurdly fast typer, and always up for slightly inappropriate banter. We mean the kind of banter that makes Lindsay laugh so uproariously that everyone in the studio stops what they’re doing to look over their monitors in astonished silence. We think it must be the same laugh that won over her imaginary friends Ali and Ixox when she was younger (it sure explains a lot). 

Tristan Velasco Team Chello

Tristan Velasco  — 

Co-Founder & Creative Director

With a bunch of time on 'client side', Tristan knew it was time to give full-time content creation a red hot go. He's a lover of getting down to it, making a way and solving problems. Tris is all about creating cool stuff; written, typography inspired, hand drawn, painted or shot, he's got the eye. An early riser, soy flat white drinker and golf extraordinaire. Tris believes ideas come in many forms and that's the complexity of our weird and wonderful brains.


Juanita Mathews  — 

Studio Manager

With a Spanish name, a German passport, and a very slight English lilt, Juanita was in fact born in a small town in South Australia. Unlike many at Chello who fled the mother country, she found Britain rather liveable. She was going to live in London for two years – but stayed for thirteen years. She Iikes the yin and yang of working in creative agencies because she gets to apply her mild OCD in a spontaneous environment. Juansy also loves a good gin & tonic, a stinky brie and considers brunch a hobby. Oh, and if she ever invites you over to her family’s for dinner, you should go. They run a pub by the beach.


Leo Zamboni  — 

Chief Operating Officer

Leo dropped into Chello with 18 years of experience in high-growth digital businesses behind him. Apart from business acumen, he adds a healthy dose of grey hair to the team. Sales and operational processes are his game, it’s the kind of work that can only be fuelled by two double ristrettos a day. The 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400 would be his car of choice. He loathes uncomfortable shoes and queues – and hopefully has never had to endure the two in combination.

Jd Stone Team Chello

Jd Stone  — 

Senior Producer

Jennifer goes by the moniker “Jd" and it must be written with a lowercase "d", for reasons unknown. This has managed to upset many a spellchecker but life can't be lived in fear of a squiggly red line. Instead? Jd's out there living her life with short coffees, a pair of skis and a fluency for science fiction. With a cheeky ten years spent working in broadcast media and advertising, she puts the pro in production – that and she's one of those weird people who can read a book while walking.


Archie de sales  — 

senior account manager

Meet Archie. He really likes other humans, so he’d rather get on the phone or meet face-to-face than endure a convoluted email or text. He’s been told he’s too inquisitive, but we think there’s no such thing (...except when you’re trying to organise a surprise birthday). With seven brothers and sisters, he's indebted to his siblings for his organisational and problem-solving skills. Having attended the same school as Richard Branson, a place the business magnate famously disliked, Archie is unsure if his graduation is a point of pride or remorse. His favourite tree is the lemon-scented gum.


Amy Watson — 


Like all good people, Amy loves eating. At most times Amy is thinking about food or trying to find food. That’s also why she has the most elaborate desk pantry out of all of us.

Harbouring a profound love of music, the rest of her time is measured in gigs and songs. Her cropped fringe is perhaps a tactic to avoid pushing hair out of her eyes mid-concert? It’s definitely been part of her identity, in fact she becomes deeply troubled if it grows even midway down her forehead. She thinks it makes her face look weird. We do wonder if she’ll keep trimming it when she eventually runs away into the mountains to live with her music and abundant pantry.




If spiders terrify you with their insistence on being present in your company, Ceri is the person to call on so that said spider can be released into a vicinity that is not your own. This makes her an asset in an office, and Australia more generally. Yet her first eighteen years of life were spent in small English towns – and London, where she hit the books at Central Saint Martins. With a fascination for the odd and macabre, her weakness is haunted houses. She is unable to pass one without daring to enter, which may prove inconvenient at times. She is a proud parent to two rabbits, Ballet Slippers and Captain Willard. In her spare time, she can be found drawing or keeping up with her pen pal – who happens to be her grandmother.

Celina Siriyos Team Chello


Senior Copywriter & Strategist

Do you have a pop cultural memory that cannot be Googled? Celina’s is a Gregorian chant version of ‘Ghetto Supastar’ which she heard in a Sanity near the turn of the millennium. She is unsure now if it was just an elaborate figment of her imagination or a stroke of genre-crossing genius that cannot be unearthed by the internet. In the time between (supposedly) hearing this song and the current day Celina has managed to: kill a litany of plants, learn Japanese book-binding, and become a writer. She loves turbulence but is terrified of amusement park rides.



Senior Camera Operator & Editor

Shea (pronounced like shea butter, not shay-ah as Tristan discovered on day one) spent a lot of time in Asia shooting fast cars and luxury brands and joined our team to capture and release killer shots. An avid lover of James Bond books as well as the movies, he enjoys the fast pace and vicariously living a scandalous lifestyle. Between the hours of 12-2am you'll probably find Shea with a breakfast burrito in hand, because yolo, he believes you can enjoy a breakfast burrito at any time of the day. 


George webster  — 

Camera Operator & Editor

In a previous life, George was a drummer. So he has had the rare pleasure of playing in a German drinking band and being forced to wear lederhosen. He’s also played Royal Albert Hall, but it’s unclear if he was wearing lederhosen at the time. Like many at Chello, George has a fondness for dogs over people. (Perhaps the reason we all get along well is that we appreciate that we’d rather be hanging out with a pup than with each other?) Sadly, his beer brewing hobby came to an abrupt end when an oregano-flavoured variety exploded over his studio.

William Nghiem Team Chello

Chantelle bertino-clarke  — 

Assistant editor

Like most people worth knowing, Chantelle is an advocate for Nutella and avocado. (Not at the same time however.) In another life she would be running around on court instead of on set – she was once recruited for college basketball in the States but turned it down to follow more cinematic dreams. She keeps basketball close to her heart via an enduring love of LeBron. Chantelle's other passions include film, horses and gratuitous puns. Oh, it's hap-punning! 

Sean Pointing Team Chello



Fun fact: Sean (a UK-import) has no sense of smell. Fortunately, having no sense of smell means Sean’s other senses have developed at a Super-human rate - his eagle-eye vision in particular enables him to compose shots with pinpoint precision while his god-like hearing means he can hear like, really well.  He’s also super enthusiastic about motion graphics, typography and the monarchy (we guess). When he’s not-not smelling things, he spends his free time riding his BMX and paddling his fishtail short-board with his unnaturally small feet. Feel free to ask Sean what things he can’t smell (which spoiler alert – is everything).

Alicia Goodmanson Team Chello

Mitch viney  — 


Adding to Chello’s catalogue of physiological quirks, Mitch’s left pupil is larger than his right. (Go on, zoom in and confirm it.) As a kid he would make animations out of Play-Doh, which is marginally more creative than seeing what “non-toxic” tasted like. Instead of those culinary heights of childhood, he was dipping bread in milk and eating plain rice with butter. Now he occupies himself with ancient video game consoles, kickflips and sinking a line. He is simultaneously perturbed and pleased that his computer cost more than his car.

Shea Bennett Team Chello


SENIOR Designer

Here is a paradox trapped in a contradiction: Jess loves espresso martinis but can’t stand the taste of coffee. Some of us would like to believe that she must start the day with a wholesome morning martini, but this is yet to be evidenced.
With an impractically large fringe that has now become her trademark, Jess is unwilling to change her hair even though it will cost many more hours of her life. She has read every Sherlock Holmes book and visited 221b Baker Street so she’s probably qualified to solve the mystery of where all the Chello umbrellas end up. She brings some much needed diversity to the office by owning a big ginger cat named Bowie.

Tim Kho Team Chello

nat wong  — 


Natalie prefers dogs to people. We know this is true because whenever we go out for lunch or drinks we'll invariably turn around to find that Nat has somehow coaxed a dog into her arms. Luckily she has her own staffy to shower adoration on: his name is Percy – or Percival if he's being naughty. Nat travels for food and has had the very distinct pleasure of eating both tarantula and starfish. (She turned down the sheep's appendage though.) It has been verified that she makes a mean chocolate meringue almond torte.

Chantelle Bertino-Clarke Team Chello


Designer & Illustrator

Things Will dislikes: attention, wasted time and negativity. But he likes movies, all kinds of movies, from sappy rom coms to high-brow cinema. Will is likely to be entangled in an art, illustration, or handicraft project at any one point in time. He also claims to be quite flexible but we are yet to confirm this in an office flex-off. He lives by the quote, “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” (And just quietly, we think it shows in his work.)

HAmish sutton  — 

Senior Camera & drone operator

Hamish is cursed with the inability to realise when his stomach is full. As a result he eats close to his body weight everyday and thinks about food more than the average person. This will be an issue if he ever lives out his dream of filming powerful documentaries in dangerous, remote locations. He likes plants more than people (probably because they can’t eat his food) and his house could easily be confused with a rainforest. He is running out of surfaces to put his plants on. Send help! Or more plant stands.

jacob hogarth  — 

Senior camera operator & EDITOR

Diagnosing himself as “severely ginger”, Jacob believes he would be happiest living underwater. Presumably, to escape the brutality of the Australian sun. Also, he loves the ocean and all the scuba diving it facilitates. His favourite animal is the humpback whale and he can never go back on this claim, because he went and tattooed a whale on himself. He doubles down on his season’s greetings by celebrating Chrismukkah each year.


Belinda Wilson  — 


Meet Bel, wrangler of accounts and numbers around here. With a penchant for yoga (with the classic caveat of ‘when the time can be found’) and nursing a coffee the way most people should nurse a Sazerac, you might assume she leads a very serene existence. But throw in being a parent to an inexhaustible toddler and you’ll find that these are necessary slow-release energy tactics in the pursuit of being a mum while making sure our accounts are all square. Bel claims she can be bribed to do almost anything with chocolate, but we are still looking into the rigorous testing of this hypothesis.

james horn photography_chello, sydney, content, agency


senior editorial PHOTOGRAPHER

Say hello to James, photographer and human database of great places to eat and drink. This makes him useful on far-flung shoots, apart from his ability to take natural, modern images that evoke the personality of his subjects. He’s snapped for big brands and big names like, well… ever heard of this guy, Barack Obama? Yeah, he sounds vaguely familiar to us too. James loves lifting weights but if he’s not working you'll likely find him in the ocean.

Rowena Clarke Team Chello



Despite her passion for all things’ photography related – Rowena is not a fan of Nickelback’s ‘Photograph’. But then again, nobody is. She does however enjoy The Cure’s ‘Pictures Of You’ and ‘Hey Man Nice Shot’ by Filter. Rowena’s fascination with photography started when she saw her grandfathers wartime photographs of his time riding camels in Egypt – and has gone on to be published by titles such as The New York Home Observer and Cosmopolitan Bride. We often like to ask Rowena to look at our photographs…because every time we do it makes us laugh.




Known for his penchant of food, stuffed toys and shoes, Nacho parades the Chello studio with style. The six month old British Bulldog joined us as our fifth team member and reminds us daily of where he sits in the Chello barking order, which is indeed at the top. Nacho still hates the team for dressing him up as Mrs Claus for the Christmas photos, he recognises that it was funny at the time however his fun/cute/playful puppy days have now come to an end. 




Look, Frida isn’t the brightest canine in the kennel. She struggles with the concept of fetch, her lack of mouth-eye co-ordination allows you to throw food on her snout with minimal effort, and she trips over flat surfaces. She’s one of a kind. But she loves people. Always willing to stop for a pat, she’ll sit and wait for as long as it takes for you scratch behind her ear. Frida is also devoted to her big brother, Nacho, and will defend him in any circumstance – even though he’s basically a furry tank and doesn’t really need the back-up. Forget fetch, you can’t teach that kind of loyalty.



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