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AO Packaging

CLIENT — AUstralia's Own

TYPE — Enterprise

EXECUTION — Packaging

Designing packaging for a new product range is like being held responsible for creating a really great Tinder profile for someone that you met at a party two years ago. You don't know much about them, they're picky about the people they want to meet, and you have to make them look ridiculously attractive. And food packaging is finicky because there are mandatories, information structure, legal details, and a limited canvas to play with.

So naturally, when AO let us take a peek at their flavoured milks range early in their development, we cheekily asked, “Can we have a go at the packaging?”

A couple of months later, our concepts became actual bottles sitting on supermarket shelves across Australia. They’re chic, feminine and focus groups said they’d swipe right on that.*

*No-one actually said this using their outside voice, but we can read between the lines.