When AI Gets Real:
A Case Study




If you think you hear more about AI than actually see it, we should introduce you to Daisee, inserting AI in the real world by solving today's business problems.

What AI can do changes wildly depending on the business. And because it’s so new, it can be difficult for people to imagine how it applies to their business. Partnering with Daisee was a steep learning curve for Chello. The more we talked, the more we realised that talking about AI as a general concept wasn’t going to cut it for launch. We needed a concrete example that could insinuate itself into other areas.

Enter the Brisbane Flower markets. Daisee had already been developing an intricate solution that lent itself to imagining the predictive ability and perosnalisation that AI is capable of. Flowers have their own language and associations that mean demand for each variety is ever-changing and not always understandable – even if you have a turbo-charged spreadsheet at your side. All it takes is one cultural celebration to completely sell out of chrysanthemums and wonder how many more you could have sold.

But Daisee managed to create AI that could accurately predict the type and number of flowers that would sell on any given day – a huge saving of time and cost for a flower supplier – and something that we could thoroughly humanise. Here, AI wasn’t about cutting jobs, but spending more time on high-value work. It was about people whose business is their passion – and matching the precise needs of a complex group of customers.

By working through the nuances and message we filmed this case study to help AI and captured it in a video to help Daisee tell a tale to their emerging customers.