Do we really need Copywriters?


Copywriting, in the marketing sense, is believed to go back as far as 1477, when printed material was created to promote the sale of a prayer book.

In the 1800s copywriting pioneers, like John Emory Powers and Albert Lasker, proved the value of words and storytelling on a wider scale, helping businesses to better sell their products.

Today, the remit for copywriters is much broader, with the opportunity to test and tweak messaging based on data, driving incredible insights on the power of a simple turn of phrase.

Looking to the future, new technologies offer the potential to automate this iterative process with AI. So the question begs, are Copywriters’ days numbered? After all, everything that has or can be written is available online right? Ready for smart tech to trawl and deploy instantly, and potentially more effectively, than ever before.

Parking the thought for now, it’s time to introduce you to our new Senior Copywriter, Charlie, and his affable Labrador Quin.

What should people know about Charlie?

His first love is writing. He loves words and he loves stories. He loves telling them and hearing them. He loves being able to share his thoughts and ideas through his writing.

Why should they care about what he has to say?

Charlie wants to tell stories that matter. Stories that inspire, entertain or educate. Stories that connect us to each other and our world.

How will he benefit our clients?

Charlie wants to create content that makes people think differently about businesses, products and services. Content that helps people find solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had.

Where did we find him?

Charlie comes from a background in journalism and creative agencies in London and Sydney, where he worked with brands across a number of categories — from tech to automotive, education, financial services and more.

Who is he?

He loves being able to create something from nothing and is always looking for new ways to do it. Outside of work, Charlie is usually found just that, outside, often with his dog Quin on a paddle board, or gardening to a podcast.

What about Quin?

Named after the medicinal compound found in the chocolate bark of the cinchona tree, Quinine is a professional office layabout. She spends most of her days stretched out on the floor, or canvassing for food.

Back to the point — do we even need him?

It may or may not surprise you to know that these six questions and answers were written by AI.*
(A high risk strategy from Charlie.)

Whether it proves or disproves the need for copywriters today is up to you. But for now we’ll trust in the intangible myth of the Copywriter, settling for Charlie’s brand of storytelling – at least until the robots catch up. Plus he comes with a dog.

Welcome to the team Charlie & Quin.

*For the most part — a little input to begin with, plus some structuring and sub-editing helped along the way, but pretty good for a piece of free software!

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