The gang’s all here


It’s so nice to have new faces in the studio. (Uh, but the old ones still look good!)

We hired a junior graphic designer, Rebecca Odey! Design is a career switch for Bec, and we love the chutzpah it comes with. She’s already taught us a lot about Sweden, without (visibly) rolling her eyes if anyone mentions IKEA or ABBA, and we suspect she’s a master of sass. Out of curiosity, what does your office do when two people have the same name? We just come up with slightly different nicknames and hope for the best 🤷‍♀️

The lovely Rosie Dingle has been promoted to account manager! She came into the role so naturally, it was really just a matter of time before we had to hand her the title. And it’s a great spot for her to come up with ideas and show clients some of her many cultural references.

Give it up for the interns

Lastly, we’ve welcomed two interns, Gabby and Emily, each respectively jumping into the design and accounts departments. Gabby has already shown us that she has a great eye and sense of style and Emily, who is a strategic thinker with a penchant for creative, is joining us to understand the ins and outs of agency life. We’re stoked to be showing new talent how the studio works.

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