My Muscle Chef – where are they now?


Just like an episode of ‘beloved child stars: where are they now’ we’re re-visiting our work.

When we create or rebrand an organisation, it’s our job to give them the understanding, clarity and tools to stand on their own two feet. Brands are living things and evolve as an organisation does. Organisations can have more ownership, agility, and conserve budget by overseeing the brand in-house.

Sometimes at Chello, we create a brand and then support them in their content, campaigns and evolving the brand. At other times, as in the case of My Muscle Chef, the internal team takes the baton and runs, fast.

We worked with My Muscle Chef on their rebrand in 2018/19. The research and brand strategy took around six months to complete, culminating in a new brand proposition, positioning, visual and verbal identity, and digital touchpoints. Being able to carry the strategy through to initial creative execution meant there was a solid rationale to build on. It simply felt right. And it shows in their success.

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So where are they now?

Within a year of the rebrand’s launch, My Muscle Chef turned $19 million in revenue into over $100 million. They were valued at $200 million after another round of funding last month. They’ve initiated sampling, a whole new social strategy, and launched new product verticals.

We caught up with Clementine Churchill, Head of Marketing at My Muscle Chef, to reflect on the rebrand more than a year later: “As the brand has grown and we cover so many more touch-points, thinking customer-first but also making sure the brand has a consistent look and feel has been both a challenge and opportunity.”

As products have expanded, the branding has taken on new forms while remaining true to the original vision. “Given the pace of category expansion, taking what was initially a brand strategy and converting it across Protein Bites, Keto Bars and Protein Shakes was definitely something I didn’t foresee,” explains Clementine.

This week they picked up the B&T Highly Commended award for Marketing Team of the Year.

“The biggest change for me has been the team growth, when I first started and we began working with Chello the team was a small but mighty 3 people…now we have 11 people. It’s taken a while but I am lucky to have an exceptional team to bring all the ideas, strategies and plans to life.”

It’s a truly phenomenal result from a young business punching above their weight — and winning.

Congrats for all your success, team MYMC. We’ve loved being a part of your journey and get a thrill from your every success.

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