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It shows when your brand hasn’t been updated since Mambo No.5 was a chart-topper. Or when your company’s goals have shifted or lost focus. Your brand identity reveals when your business is out of touch with your core goals. We help navigate the path toward a strong, authentic and strategic brand identity, and forge your way in the world to discover, build and deliver meaning to your audience. There’s a sweet spot where your brand’s purpose, creative possibilities & commercial realities meet. We help you get there.

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iugis rebrand


Whether your company sells lollipops for dogs or convinces cricketers they should take up ballet, your brand needs strong visual foundations that indicate your offering and attracts customers.

Your brand may already have a logo, some key colours, or simply a name set in default 12pt Calibri in a Word template. If they’ve been serving you well and you just want an update, we can take these ingredients, throw in some spice, and balance the flavours to cook up a tasty brand-wich. A refresh makes your brand full-flavoured and multi-textured, without losing the recognisable elements.

If you’ve got an existing logo that’s getting a bit stale, it might simply need a few tweaks and some support through imagery, copywriting, and collateral.

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If your brand needs more of a shakeup, a reboot is the answer. Here, we’ll dig a little deeper into the moving parts of your existing brand. A brand audit begins to spot barriers while workshops and research reveal issues that we can start to tackle. These make the beginning of a robust strategy that shows your business how to overcome barriers and leverage new opportunities.

Strategy can reveal a whole new direction; from needing to be more empowering than educational when speaking to customers, to creating space for customers to build their own communities through your brand, or perhaps a new business name is in order.

Then it’s over to our creatives. By the time they get their hands on the strategy and brief, they’ll know exactly what problems they’re solving and revitalise your brand.

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Turning a founder into a brand

Xavier Knight rebrand
Xavier Knight rebrand
My Muscle Chef rebrand


So you’ve outgrown your home; two kids, a dog and a cat later, and your two-bedroom inner-city terrace won’t cut it. You’ve thought about extending the kitchen, buying in the suburb over, or knocking the whole thing down. If you’ve outgrown your brand, an overhaul will give your business room to move.

First we need to get into your business, examining the nuts-and-bolts of your company to find bolts that need tightening. While we’re there, we pick up a hardhat and dig into your brand structure. If you’ve got sub-brands, multiple offerings or franchises, we find a home for each of them. It could be a branded house (think Marc by Marc Jacobs), or a house of brands (think Dove and Lipton under Unilever). Once your house is solid and ready to move in, our customer research will guide your offering to the right people, in the right way.

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There are many ways to tackle a change in branding. It just depends on where your business is at. Does your brand truly reflect the scale of your business? Does it reflect where you started but not where you are today? Does your brand tell people that you’re an international corporate, when you’re actually a home-grown local company? Businesses can go on for a surprisingly long time without recognising that their brand no longer represents them, and you’ve definitely seen these in the wild somewhere and thought to yourself, “Yeah… no.” 

The smallest cues communicate big things about what kind of business you are. Tending to your brand means making sure that you’re saying the right thing in a way that’s true to your business.