Tropic like it’s hot Retreat rewind


Last month the team flew into Brisbane for our Chello Retreat. It’s been delayed for far too long; countless changes, plans A, B, and C, with backup plans for the backup plans — Sound familiar?

But above all else, to finally see the team together, off-site, having fun, is what it’s all about. People and connection.

Beernuts™ in the ocean

It was a great opportunity for everyone to bond in the wild. From amazing race challenges on the streets of Brisbane, to flying down sand dunes on Moreton Island after a few beernuts™ and cake, in the ocean. Confirming what we already knew — this is a highly resourceful bunch.

One piece of feedback in particular summed it up “Overall it was awesome to hang out with everyone in a new environment, and flex all of our ‘weird'”.

Keepin’ it weird

A good reminder to keep it weird and get out of the day-to-day. That some people are great with surprises, some are not. Some pack for every occasion, others hope for the best. Some arrive very early for a flight, and some are very late. Some love off-road quad biking, others prefer to walk. And some try to outspend the bar tab, while the rest prefer to sleep.

Together, we are a weird and wonderful group of creative thinkers, dreamers, doers and makers. Together, we are Chello.

Check out our Instagram @acheekyhello for more on what we got up to.

Oh and what on earth is a Beernut? Beer/Wine smuggled in fresh coconuts. You’re welcome!

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