you didn’t ask
but we answered anyway


+ Are you an advertising agency?

Not really. A long time ago, content was the thing you wanted to see, while ads were the things that paid for the content to be produced. Today content and ads aren't so distinct. Sometimes an ad is content, but not all content is an ad.

+ What is it exactly that you do...?

What about the things we don’t do?! Here is a list of those things:

  • Tame lions
  • Choreograph elaborate dances
  • Let a friendly dog walk by without a pat

But here are some of the things we do do:

  • Shoot video
  • Take photos
  • Develop brands
  • Write copy
  • Animate animations
  • Build websites and microsites
  • Design for print and digital
  • Make shareable social pieces
  • Strategise how to get message heard by the right audience

+ Who do you like more, Nacho or Frida?

That’s like asking someone, “Which parent do you love more?”

+ What's the best video you've ever produced?

We’ve been talking about re-creating the business card scene from American Psycho for a while now, so once it exists: that.

+ How much does a video cost?

At a minimum a simple but slick video will cost around the same as 2-2.5 kilos of the world's most expensive cheese; 'pule', a Serbian donkey milk cheese.

It takes 25 litres of donkey milk to make just a kilo of pule, so it's no Happy Meal in terms of cost (we're sure it makes people really happy though). But fair enough. Have you ever milked a donkey?!

Similarly, a lot of effort goes into making the simplest of videos look slick. Here are some of the crucial things you need for a shoot:

  • Creative conjuring. We'll push the limits of your brief to make video that keeps people thinking, long after the last frame. We look for the strongest possible visual expression for your message. And, given the chance, we weave humour, humanity or insight into any video we can lay our hands on.
  • A camera operator. Usually two of ‘em if you want a variety of angles and your talent isn’t a one-take wonder (note: most people aren’t).
  • A video editor. They watch all of the footage to get the best bits (we spend a minimum of four hours on a shoot, so there’s a lot of footage to watch between two cameras) and mix the audio.
  • The makers of our fine equipment and resources. That’s lights, cameras, microphones, editing and graphic software, music-makers and purveyors of modern transportation.
  • A producer. These folk ensure you get everything you’ve briefed us on, keep us to schedule and acts as an interviewer where needed.

We know. It sounds pricey, but a lot of time goes into making a professional video. Sure, you would probably rather have a few kilos of donkey milk cheese, but a video will last longer.

+ How much does a logo cost?

You know what? Probably more than you want to pay. We know that our logos are comparatively expensive against other options.

This an interesting experiment in cheaper logo design, if you're interested.

We're biased. But we also take time to conjure logos, consider typefaces, and think about how it speaks to and for your company – and we do it knowing that really good branding lasts a long time.

+ Should I rebrand my company?

Why are you asking people who rebrand things for a living? We’d rebrand ourselves every month if we had the time and psychological fortitude.

What it boils down to is this:

  1. If you feel like your branding doesn’t represent your company’s personality and purpose: definitely yes.
  2. If you’re trying to represent yourself as something you’re not: definitely no.

+ Do you work with not-for-profits?

Why wouldn't we work with people who make the world a better place? We can and do work with not-for profits, from the big whoppers to small social enterprises. Your cause is our cause. We offer a bit of a discount for your good work too.

+ Do you only work with big budgets?


We work on such varied projects, from a single logo to big branding roll-outs, from quick social assets to whole series of omni-channel content. We’ve worked with both tiny and large budgets. We pride ourselves on being able to come up with ideas at different price points and are always happy to outline a ‘champagne budget’ option – even if you’re on a beer budget and just want to dream big.

+ How do I write a brief for you?

We have a template, just ask. Then bring it in so we can have a coffee/wine/cheese board and chat about it. That is the ideal process.

+ Tristan and Lindsay, what are they like as bosses?

If you have any shred of humanity you will sympathise with the copywriter who was forced to answer this question.

They’re pretty great people and bosses. No one has been severely injured or abused under their leadership, we’re fairly well-fed and have happy working lives. Lindsay is renowned for going loopy on Friday afternoons and plying us all with alcohol while we’re trying to finish work. Tristan brings his dogs and cat into the office when we’ve been good (...which, weirdly, isn’t often) and allows us to feast on his excess food.

+ Are you hiring?

Head over to The Loop to check! If we don’t have anything going then you can email your résumé and a selection of your work to We’ll keep you in mind if something comes up.