How many hours it really takes to master a skill, according to Olympic gold medallist, Leisel Jones


For some, it’s another language, for others, it’s the perfect crème brûlée crunch.


For Olympian Leisel Jones, the skill she managed to master is (only slightly) more challenging: becoming a world champion swimmer and Olympic gold medallist.

The Australian swimmer has nine Olympic medals, three of which are gold, to prove her prowess in the sport. But it took a lot of work – over 12,600 hours of work, to be exact (and she’s counted).

Here, she discusses the drive that propelled her through the water, as well as stories on her insatiable desire to achieve, life outside of the pool and doing things her own way.


This interview is part of the Making It series, that Chello made in partnership with Collective Hub.

William NghiemComment