Modern Slavery: Unseen

CLIENT — The Salvation Army

TYPE — Not for profit

EXECUTION — Fold-out print poster

Guaranteeing humane working conditions is difficult when supply chains are tiered and outsourced. Many goods produced by Australian companies unknowingly involve modern slavery.

The Freedom Partnership was a collaboration between commercial law firm, Mills Oakley, and global charity, The Salvation Army. It used legal expertise to fight breaches in human rights.

The introduction of a modern slavery bill required businesses with more than $100m revenue to disclose their anti-slavery practices. The Freedom Partnership wanted to alert businesses to changes in legislation and the liability of inaction.

The Freedom Partnership initially requested a brochure to call attention to the new anti-slavery measures. But for an issue of this importance and covertness, we knew there were other ways to challenge a reader.

We developed this poster intended for display, not disposal. It’s interactive, prodding a reader to engage as they unfold the poster. By using unexpected folds, typography, photography, hand-drawn images and textual vignettes we drew attention to the breadth and intricacies of modern slavery – and its pervasiveness. The experience of revealing and revelation provokes a reader to question their impact and take action.