That's You!




The fun of That’s You! comes from playing with the kind of friends who wouldn’t hesitate to hurl a savage insult at you. Awesome, right? But it’s a difficult idea to get across in thirty seconds of video.

So when PlayStation wanted us to make a video to kickstart a That’s You! social competition, we took a less obvious turn.

We called up Aunty Donna, who had captured our hearts with their videos that manage to be brilliant, nauseating and absurd all at once. We asked them how they felt about playing the game, screaming at each other – and letting us film it. They said yes and the result was this snappy little clip that garnered hundreds of competition results, more than 100K views between two Facebook posts, and piqued the interest of Playstation UK and Europe.

We were chuffed to deliver something that was true to the nonsensical stylings of Aunty Donna, skewered the interactivity at the heart of That’s You! and had a competition built into it. All in thirty seconds.