The Sago Dry Toilet

CLIENT — sago network


EXECUTION — paper craft & stop motion animation

Access to a safe toilet is an essential human right however in Papua New Guinea, 65% of people are without access to a safe toilet and 13% of Papua New Guineans don’t have a toilet at all. We teamed up with Sago Network to help tell their story, making it relevant to Australian audiences (the more relevant, the more dollar bills to support the project!)

A major contributing factor that limits access to safe toilets in PNG is the high-water table and flood-prone environments that are home to a large portion of the nation’s population. 87% of PNG live in rural areas and while pit toilets are often a safe and cost-effective toilet option in rural spaces, flooding and high-water table environments make it is difficult for people to build a conventional pit toilet as they quickly fill with water, contaminating drinking water and soil, and contributing to the spread of diseases. In high water table areas, pit toilets have a lifespan of around six months which also makes the continuous rigour of building new toilets unsustainable.

The Sago Dry Toilet is an above ground, waterless latrine that dries out waste, making a sand-like output that is safe to dispose of. Unlike a conventional toilet, the system is lightweight and transportable via canoe, banana boat or car, and will last approximately 15-20 years.

Join Sago Network’s fundraising campaign today by clicking HERE and help raise $75,000 for the Sago Dry Toilet, so safe toilets can reach as many rural communities in PNG as possible.

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