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Designing for trust and playfulness

Camp Australia have been taking care of kids inside schools, and outside of school hours, for more than thirty years. They came to us wanting to refresh their brand, without needing a full facelift. With care centres found across Australia and hundreds of employees, the ability to do a full rebrand was limited.

They cared most about redesigning their website, since this is where schools, parents and potential carers look for information and assurance about the quality of care and the employment potential.

Building a digital-ready brand

We equipped the brand with a larger set of visual assets that made them feel more contemporary and gave them more to flex in digital spaces. With rigorous site mapping and collating content from a wide range of teams, we designed, developed and launched a new site.

After launch, Camp Australia saw an increase of 9,000 visits compared to the same month the year before. Key customer information pages also rose in rank, demonstrating that the content and navigation had been improved.

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