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Where words lead, people follow

FiComm thrives at the cross section of finance and communication. Partnering with financial services businesses, they shape people, communities and generations. With a breadth of knowledge, they create impact through branding, marketing, digital outreach, public relations, crisis communications and business consulting. They are the catalyst for business growth, using what they know best, words and numbers.

With their long-term mission to become leaders of the pack, we were tasked with aligning their brand identity and verbal expression to their long-standing values, bright ambition & inspired vision for the future.

Check out our mention on Yahoo!Finance to celebrate the new brand and website launch.

Meaningful enterprise needs meaningful words

The solution was straight forward, we focused on what lay at the heart of communication — words. Our execution lay in pairing a striking tone of voice with typographically-forward visuals, a refreshed tri colour palette, designed play on words & minimal imagery.

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