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Good for business, good for Earth

Improving quality of life through environmentally forward solutions, for generations to come. iugis exists to provide holistic solutions – solutions which will create a positive impact for the world in which we live. Being a disruptor in the industry, iugis gives control and confidence back to organisations, compelling a progressive motion towards reducing environmental impact.

A bold brand for
a bold legacy

To coincide with the powerful meaning of leaving a legacy, we utilised the missing ‘i’ from the iugis logo as a core brand element. As iugis’ key focus is to deliver sustainable enterprise solutions, we created three simple shapes to represent these elements; food waste (the sphere), water solutions (the drop) and energy efficiency (the pyramid). Together the dynamic logo and flexible brand is able to communicate with both consumers and enterprise through a bold, educational and aspirational messaging system.

In 2021, this project won gold in the Indigo Design Awards for Best Branding — Services. Read about the Indigo Design Awards in our blog post.

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