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Branding a health company working in an under-served space

Hit 100 was a company delivering nutritionally-designed meals to people with disabilities, chronic diseases and elderly Australians. But with a long-term vision to be a holistic healthcare company, their name and brand proposition didn’t reflect this at all. After interviews, research and workshops we came up with a new name: Kinela.

With a new name came a brand positioning and identity that matched their ambition and vision for this under-served space. A community-driven approach and dynamic sensibility is underpinned by accessibility principles. 

Kinela rebrand packaging

Better health belongs to everyone

While their customers seem niche in some respects, they encompass a huge range of people, backgrounds and abilities. Simplicity and clarity were vital. A community ethos and modern appeal reassert themselves to represent the radical change that Kinela hopes to bring to health care services.

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