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MedicalDirector build software for medical professionals. They aim to give the medical profession more time to do meaningful work, and less time doing admin. Some of their products include opt-in data sharing which contributes to medical and drug research. But, of course, in medicine patient data is a sacred thing.

We were briefed to create a short animation explaining that all data is stripped of personal identifying information, then aggregated and used to support good medical practices without ever breaching doctor-patient confidentiality. So we created this simple, friendly animation that MedicalDirector could use in any context, to nudge doctors and specialists into contributing to medical research.

A dynamic animation for dynamic software

AusDI is Australia’s most in-depth and up-to-date database for medicinal content. As the ‘challenger’ software providers this space, AusDI is user-friendly and feature packed. But when the competitor is seen as ‘good enough’, this software needed to present as more than a sideways switch, but one that could be reliably better.

We created this visually rich, but simply scripted, animation for MedicalDirector to share with time-poor medical professionals and administrators.

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