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From food to fuel

My Muscle Chef came to us with a whole lot of customer insights and a product that people loved. The kind of love that saw customers bringing their meals to wedding receptions, or crossing states to stock up. While some people might assume that meal prep services are for the lazy or for people who don’t care about food, My Muscle Chef’s research found the very opposite. These were people who were active and tracked what went into their bodies. They were serious about fitness, nutrition and goals.

A brand strategy that rises above the competition

But My Muscle Chef’s previous brand didn’t quite match the devotion and rigour around their meals. With a whole new brand strategy, we returned them to their roots. They were no longer just a healthy-fresh-convenient food company, but a tool for optimising time and fitness. My Muscle Chef makes fuel for persistence.

A strong brand for a strong product

From this brand core we built a visual and verbal identity that was as deliberate, strong and empowering as they are. This informed our website designs, geared to gaining subscriptions and championing the pursuit of fitness goals. The overall result is a brand that is empowering, not ‘supportive’; a brand that is strong rather than just ‘healthy’.

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