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Even the Vatican needs gender equality

The Catholic Church is a staggeringly influential institution. But the leadership of the Vatican’s administration, the Holy See, are overwhelmingly men. Even though women can pursue leadership roles, they are systematically excluded by the conventions of how leaders are chosen.

With more diverse leadership, the Church’s missteps could be avoided. By breaking from tradition, the Church gains more space for compassion and makes less room for ineffective conventions.

A global campaign owned by multiple organisations

Overcoming Silence is a campaign built around the idea that diverse leadership makes a more accountable, representative and fair Church. One of the challenges in this campaign is making it clear that this is about leadership roles already open to women, not ordination itself. If you’re not Catholic, this might seem like a reasonable demand. But for a convention (not a rule) that has lasted centuries, this kind of change is very hard to make.

Overcoming Silence is a worldwide campaign that unites various Catholic organisations under the demand to allow women into roles of influence.

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