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Spring 2020 campaign

With COVID-19 creating uncertainty in a sluggish property market, Raine & Horne approached us to create a spring campaign. Their aim was to encourage homeowners and investors to enquire about a property appraisal with their local Raine & Horne agent, opening up possible leads at a time when people were unsure whether to sell.

Turn curiosity into confidence

Enthusiasts of real estate (i.e. most Australians) know that spring is a traditionally competitive period. While agents were seeing strong buyer interest, there wasn’t enough stock on the market. People were reluctant to sell in an uncertain period.

Raine & Horne needed a strong lead-gen campaign that franchisees in rural, coastal, regional and metro areas would be happy to adopt. They also wanted to communicate a supportive message — without relying on cliches or being too sentimental. Raine & Horne were mindful that COVID-19 was affecting different parts of the country in very different ways. Through research and a workshop, we got to the insight that would inform our campaign: despite the deep and rapid change happening across the world, the Australian obsession with property had not been shaken at all. It had only become stronger.

500 leads in 10 days

Australia is such a large country that what happens in “the” property market isn’t what happens in your local market. Coronavirus was accelerating these localised differences with tree changes, sea changes or people simply wanting a home office. There was an appetite for knowledge. Real estate agents happen to know their local markets in a way that no-one else can. They could confidently answer questions about how their area was being affected and where the opportunities were. This led us to “Turn curiosity into confidence”, a strong message that headed the campaign.

The spring campaign consisted of owned and paid assets pushed throughout the whole franchisee network using Raine & Horne’s Amplify lead generation platform. The campaign generated 500 listings leads in only ten days. In the first two months of launching, it achieved exposure to over 2.7 million online profiles across Australia. 

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