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What a motherl*ver

We’ve wanted to work with Two Good Co. for a long time.

They’re a social enterprise the next suburb over from us, supporting vulnerable women in their community. They do it in a couple of ways: by serving nutritious, ready-made meals to women in refuges; providing luxurious, high-end toiletry care packs to women’s shelters; and by employing women who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness within their company, to help them re-establish their self-worth and independence.

Whether women are fleeing domestic violence, dealing with mental illness or are otherwise vulnerable, Two Good Co. look for sustainable ways to support them through their toughest times. We’re big fans.

Give two g*fts this Mother’s Day

So we were excited when they asked us to have some fun with their Mother’s Day products. The idea is that when you buy a pack for your own mum, another pack will be given to a woman in a shelter. These packs offer a vulnerable woman a moment of acknowledgement and care in an awful situation.

Two Good Co. already had talent lined up: Oscar from (awesome brewery) Young Henry’s and Matt from (awesome wine and liquor store) PNV Merchants. At first glance, you probably wouldn’t want to be on their bad side. But they’re actually a pair of nice people who love their mums.

Or as we saw it: They’re motherl*vers.

Makin’ mum proud

When it came to this campaign we figured: the more the merrier. The campaign included their Partnerships Manager, Dani, Head Chef, Jen, and Chello’s one and only Creative Director, Tris!

We wanted the photos to strike a balance between optimistic and thoughtful. And we think that objective was thoroughly achieved — thanks to Two Good Co.’s talented go-to photographer, Jessica Lindsay.

If you’re reading this just before Mother’s Day, we strongly suggest buying a pack to give your mum, and another woman, a little bit of l*ve.

Go and make ya mum proud!

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