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When good dogs go royal

Here are two things you learn on a shoot with corgis: 1) their legs are too short to swipe up on a phone with any conviction and 2) after spending all day hiding a dog-cake from them they’ll refuse to eat it anyway.

This education in corgi behaviours came care of our mates at UberEats. Because who doesn’t love a royal wedding?! In homage to Harry and Meghan getting hitched (or ‘Hazza and Megz’ if you’re as tight with them as we want to be…), Uber Eats asked us if we could cut this video for their social media. Fun, silly and dogs were mandatory. So we’d been ready for this shoot our whole lives. UberEats UK even picked it up after they saw it, which is almost a royal seal of approval, right?

Spot a fetching cameo from Chello’s eternal intern and resident slobber, Nacho.

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