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Masters of Innovation

UTS’s Master of Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation was designed for emerging leaders to find new responses to unique business and organisational challenges. It’s a difficult course to describe… which is exactly why we were asked to animate an explainer for it. Not for its content, but why someone might be interested in taking it.

The man behind it all

When we met Professor Kees Dorst, the course designer, he embodied the kind of intelligence and creativity that the course unlocks in its students. He became the inspiration and voiceover artist of our animation. He also came armed with strong references: The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, the Monty Python foot, and a psychedelic shirt shop.

We chose a whimsical illustration and animation style, using a botanic motif to illustrate abstract ideas about business and industry. The audio comes from a conversation with Professor Dorst rather than a script, making the animation itself feel knowledgeable but warm and natural. Highly considered sound design supports nature-inspired imagery and precise frame movement.

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