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Localising the new Volkswagen brand

In 2019, Volkswagen started their global rebrand which marked a shift to a more forward-looking, people-focussed, and simpler automotive brand. Their logo moved away from the shiny chrome that echoed the way it would look on a car. Instead their new look is lighter, more dynamic and more suited to digital spaces and photography.

With a new global vision and ambition for the future of mobility, Volkswagen Group Australia embarked on a regional launch for employees with local visual assets.


Now You Can

Inspired by global, made local

Global branding projects often hand over to local agencies to make sure all the nuances and details don’t feel alienating or irrelevant to a local market. We created a suite of new visual assets that carried the new brand with a slightly more Australian touch. That included a potent brand video backed by a manifesto especially for the brand’s internal launch, bringing to life the grittier and more urban images. We used Australian streetscapes, warehouse spaces, car parks and parks, to situate people and cars in settings that were more familiar to a local eye.

Ready for launch

The internal launch at Volkswagen’s CX Summit introduced dealership staff to the new brand for the very first time. Motion graphics put the new brand’s vibrancy and focus on people, rather than product, to work.
The strong visuals featured throughout the event marked the start of a new way of thinking about cars and mobility. It demonstrated to the employees, who represent Volkswagen daily and publically, that this was a shift in philosophy and action.

Open invite

At the end of the CX Summit was Volksfest: an open invite to see, play with and photograph classic Volkswagen cars. It was a bigger, public celebration that could include family of employees too. We developed the sub-brand and assets to make sure Volksfest was still firmly an official Volkswagen event.
We also proposed creative installations to engage with Volkswagen in a way fit for a festival, a great touchpoint with existing and potential customers, enjoyed by generations of Brisbane families.

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