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Legacy can take many shapes

Every year TedX open the floor for anyone to make a short film to be shown at their annual conference. In 2019 we put our hands up to tackle their theme of ‘legacy’. With such a profound topic we flipped, flopped and flipped again discussing everything from our own eulogies, the emblems of great civilisations and the climate crisis. Eventually, we were led to interviewing a friend of Chello about his personal struggle writing his father’s obituary…

…can an entire life be contained in a single page?

We cut our one hour interview into an audio story that became an animation that could speak louder than the written word. With considered colour schemes, character development, poignant transitions and a tonne of textures, we looked at the unique agony of summarising a life on the page. We saw our short film as a chance to tell the story that an obituary could never tell.

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