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Turning a founder into a brand

Xavier Knight are structural engineers. They bring the beauty of architectural designs to life; at the same time they ensure that buildings are robust enough to be the nucleus of our lives. They work at the intersection of aesthetics and resilience.

What they needed was a brand identity which transmitted the values and ethos of Xavier Knight’s founder — whose approach had been the defining reason for clients to return time and again.

From idea to identity

Xavier Knight had an idea of where their brand could be taken but we helped them distill it into one essential idea: enriching life.

We expanded on the concept of an enriched life to create a brand identity that is as clear, precise and human as Xavier Knight’s own work.

Rebranded Simple Xavier Knight logo with a woman walking down stairs

Designing a visual vocabulary

This visual identity is an ecosystem of graphic elements. We tapped into the substance of Xavier Knight’s work to create elements that were simple but never simplistic. Defined, strong shapes can suggest depth, dimension, structure and movement to mimic technical drawings, renders and the way that spaces are occupied by people.

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