Making friends in lockdown


What’s better than making cool new friends in lockdown? Making cool new friendly-colleagues in lockdown, that’s what. Introducing some fresh friends to our gaggle of wonderful minds.

David Coupland joins us as our new Strategy Director who’s already impressing us with his emoji-themed meeting attire (think blue jumper man with hands up in confusion) and conversations starting with “let me just ask this…”.

Next up we have the wonderful Mark Kilroy, Senior Motion Designer, Isabelle Coury, Junior Motion Designer and Lauren Barrett, Production Assistant joining us across production, each already making their mark (Kilroy). And we can’t forget the affable Drou Angelides, a delightful person to deal with day-to-day, our new Senior Account Manager (who was famously mis-addressed as Doug and we’re here for it).

But there’s more…

We’ve lured some fresh interstate-blood over to Chello too; we’re excited to welcome Jenny Lennon, our inaugural Associate Creative Director from Adelaide, we are excited to have her multidisciplinary background (and gin-tasting expertise) on board across all sorts of creative problem-solving. Speaking of inaugural, we have secured our very first Senior Traffic and Project Manager to keep the studio running in tip-top fashion, welcoming Traci Chapman to the team, and for the record, no she doesn’t have a fast car.

Phew, that’s a lot of fresh faces and new ideas. We’re really excited with our new band of people progressing forward, and although it’s sad to say goodbye to some oldies, they’ll always be in the “old but goodie” category of colleagues we wish we could still work with.

We’re forging ahead with some really interesting work; large research-driven strategic pieces, campaigns, branding projects and production. It’s all ramping up with a positive out-of-lockdown-rebirth road ahead of us.  

We really are committed to investing in finding and retaining great people; talented team-players who reflect our values as an agency. When Tris and Linds started Chello they wanted somewhere they enjoyed coming to work each day, and although it probably wasn’t through the lens of working from home it’s made a little bit brighter by logging on to work with hungry, humble, smart people that we get to call friendly-colleagues. 

Welcome to the fold, gang!

Join the fun.
Let’s work together.

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