It started over
pepperoni pizza. 

Chello was born one fateful night in 2014 at a basement bar called Frankie’s.

Lindsay, fresh from leaving her supposed dream job in video production, now wanted to start the agency she couldn’t have dreamed of. She called up Tristan, the best creative she knew. They had some pizza, dreamed out loud and he quit his job the next day.

Their ambition was to build an agency that was a sheer joy to work in – and work with. They wanted to make work more like play and to work in partnership with the people and brands that came to them for help.

They started in video, playing into a rising emphasis on rich visual content. As the productions became bigger, there was a natural demand for animation and design and the team kept growing. And then from pieces of branded content, Chello grew into brand strategy; building the brands that defined the content.

In 2019 Chello wooed fellow independent agency, Digilante, to bring digital expertise in-house and carry meaningful and creative ideas all the way through the line.

‘Chello’ is a take on a Hindi word which roughly translates as, “Let’s go!” Which is a good summary of how things work around here.