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What a crate idea

Budweiser and Rolling Stone are showcasing emerging artists in Colombia with BudMag, a monthly music magazine printed inside the packaging of 12-packs — literally rolling back the years by making print the home of music culture again. The mission is to leverage the distribution power of Budweiser to give these artists the exposure they deserve.

AI that stinks

There’s so much that AI is helping us with nowadays. Changing the song, parking our cars, writing blogs… but creating perfumes? Not sure we saw that one coming! That’s exactly where the fine folks at EveryHuman have taken it, enabling people to create their own unique scents. And yes of course they’ve got a fancy-sounding name for it — introducing, algorithmic perfumery.

Just tell people it isn’t hummus… or is it houmous? Or, wait, hommus?

In their never-ending pursuit of finding new ways to get people to try their dairy alternative; the oat-milkers at Oatly managed to find the one diner in Louisiana, USA, that would let them swap out milk for Oatly across the menu. All that was left to do was to film the charming local clientele’s reactions. They didn’t disappoint. Not sure if Oatly is trying to sell their product or just create binge-able TV at this point, but either way, we’re here for it.

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