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Running on magic beans

On Running started as a solution to a problem for runners, enabling them to get on with enjoying the activity they love. And one thing a lot of runners agree on is that the rate at which they go through running shoes and just throw them away is pretty wasteful. So On, sticking to the central principle of their brand, set out to develop a shoe that solves this challenge, resulting in the Cyclon. It’s the shoe you’ll never own (great positioning from them by the way), made from castor beans and offered as a subscription, creating the first fully-recyclable, closed-loop running shoe. Runners simply pay a monthly subscription to receive a pair, and when they’re worn out, On sends them a new with the runner sending their old pair back to be broken down and reused. It’s nothing short of a game changer, in a typically linear category so obsessed with performance ahead of purpose.

One decision you can’t get wrong

We’re loving this playful ad from Twix. It’s centred on the simple features that make the treat a treat; chewy, crunchy and delicious. The sound when it snaps. Oh and that there are two of them, and that’s where the fun begins… It’s a beautifully simple piece of slightly kooky comedy. A wonderfully simple idea, delivered with a great script and all the right production choices, a 30-second drama. But it also subtly taps into the role a Twix plays as a little moment of focussed delight, even a sharing moment by its very design.


We wrap this edition with McDonalds UK’s latest campaign. Another great execution from the ‘we’re so big we don’t even need to show you our product’ playbook — reminiscent of Doritos’ campaign a few years ago that simply relied on triangles. For their version, McDonalds has gone with a playful nod to the iconic golden arches; while also tapping into that cheeky moment of suggesting a trip to Maccas. These pieces, combined with clever colour choices, leave the viewer in no doubt of the brand driving the scene.

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