Qualitative and quantitative insight and analysis


Our research is conducted with the intent of revealing and understanding relevant themes and elements at play in both the context of your category and wider society. It informs more deeply-considered responses, whatever the scale of the brief.

Where research can help

Inform work that works

We analyse the language and behaviour of your category through qualitative and/or quantitative lenses, specifically designed to meet the project’s needs.

Gain an objective perspective

Free yourself of assumptions and build from a more objective position, formed by learnings from all kinds of perspectives, internally and externally. The truth is so often found in the grey area.

Distil and define

Knowledge is only powerful when you have a clear understanding of how to use it. We gather all your learning and define the story at the heart of it in simple, actionable terms.

Find energy in insight

Nothing beats the clarity of a great insight or combination of insights. We look to find the centre of gravity that holds everything together and energises the work.


Identifying and exploring the stimulus that provides the best understanding of customer, category and culture.


Highlighting salient learnings to uncover themes that begin to emerge.


Defining insights to provide strategic direction and value.

Ready to get digging?


Qualitative research / quantitative research / market research / audience segmentation / workshops / audits

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