Shopify campaign: Reimagine Retail

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Shopify campaign: Reimagine Retail
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A store is wherever they shop

Shopify provides merchants with the power to make sales anywhere at any time. After a COVID lockdown, it was time to reinforce this in the minds of merchants everywhere. Collaborating with Chisel, we brought together 10 brands in a 45-second video to show the breadth of possibilities for brands that use Shopify.

This is a store… so is this, and this!

Last year, with our help, Shopify launched their Reimagine Retail campaign. Now that things have opened up post-COVID lockdowns, it was time to deliver a hero video piece that builds on the success of the campaign.

Retail is wherever you can take it

Shopify has provided boundless opportunities for over 100k merchants in APAC and it was time to meet the merchants that have been reimagining what a store can be. We play with the idea that retail isn’t defined by where you are, but where you can take it.

10 brands in 45 seconds

In collaboration with our friends at Chisel, our task was to direct a production that ties together 10 well-known Australian brands, in 12 separate scenes. This gave us the challenge of balancing a range of brand colours and styles, from the vibrant and cheeky Budgy Smugglers, to the minimalist pastel tones of Elph Ceramics.

Powered by Shopify

The result is a pretty unique piece of content, celebrating the success of each brand involved, all within the Shopify wrapper and context.

Retail isn’t defined by where you are, but where you can take it.

“Chello has worked tirelessly to demonstrate their deep understanding of the Shopify brand in the APAC region. We are very excited to see where the continued relationship takes our brand.”

APAC Marketing Lead


10 Australian brands. 12 scenes.

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