Sapia rebrand

Sapia rebrand
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Using technology to improve human decision-making

Sapia is the recruitment tech platform that’s harnessing the best of AI and humanity to remove bias and decision-making as businesses recruit more people, with the right skill sets, faster. Sapia came to us as PredictiveHire — an ambitious business with big expansion goals. We worked closely with the executive team to uncover the key inputs and clarify what was required to take the brand to the next level. These learnings informed the rebrand. From a new name to a distinct tonality, look, and feel. All elements deliver a clearer articulation of their brand, proposition, and point of difference as the freshly minted Sapia moved into new markets.

Priming for expansion

Predictive hire tasked us with rebranding the business to better align with its values and strategic shifts ahead of expansion to the UK and USA.

Data-driven decision making

The brand needed a clearer view of where they were going and what they intended to do, one that could rise above any one product or feature and give them room to expand exponentially. With this in mind a purpose was revealed; to use data to improve human decision-making, with the message that they would help businesses make better, fairer, recruitment decisions. From this platform, we were able to name and then create a new identity for the brand.

A very human AI

Once the strategy was clear we started on developing a new name. After an extensive search, including category assessment, preliminary legal checks, and much stress testing of the rationale, we landed on Sapia. The name represents a perfect combination of humanity (homosapiens) and AI. Turning the letters a and i around to represent a new perspective on AI technology.

Activating the elements

The new brand style takes a tech brand and gives it warmth and humanity. This inspired the colour palette, with tech and innovation represented by a sleek black, and pink bringing a softer, more open feel. The logomark furthers this friendly feel, with an arrow device pointing to the switch of a and i, as well as creating a smiley face. The dot on the I is formed to resemble a chat bubble evoking conversation. And finally, an organic illustration style rounds out the human touch.

Introducing Sapia

The new brand Sapia, is something quite unique for the category. All the benefits of AI, with humanity baked in. A palatable and powerful balance of the best of each — a story that’s told in every element of the rebrand. This all forms a much clearer brand platform, with space to expand as Sapia enters new markets.

"They’ve involved and taken us on a journey, so there are no surprises, everyone feels engaged and excited."

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A new perspective on AI in recruitment.

Giving warmth and humanity to a tech brand.

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