My Muscle Chef campaign

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My Muscle Chef campaign
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    My Muscle Chef

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    Ready-made meals

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    Ambitious scale-ups

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Pioneering the ready-made meals category

My Muscle Chef offers fresh ready-to-eat meals to fit individuals without compromising taste, time or health. After locking onto the consumer pain point that too much time and energy is lost to meal prepping, we created the ‘Take Back Sunday’ campaign to address the uninspiring weekly meals experienced by many. Bringing to life their challenger spirit, the strategy went beyond the usual spaces. Product trays were switched from black to all-red, differentiating them on shelves. A 3D billboard made the product unmissable in Melbourne. And murals brought the energy of the brand to life on streets across the eastern seaboard.

Returning to their brand centre

My Muscle Chef asked us to come up with a new peak-season campaign that spoke to their core audience, the Fit Individual. The goal was to drive awareness and sales of their fresh ready-to-eat meals. Fresh dishes, packed with healthy macros to sustain active lifestyles for Every Body, Every Goal.

Health vs Convenience

Having led the MYMC rebrand back in 2019, this was an exciting opportunity to reconnect with the heart of the brand — food that fuels you to achieve more, without compromise. This responds to the overarching cultural insight that high-quality, healthy and tasty meals are often at odds with everyday convenience and cost.

Take Back Sunday

Our strategic approach to the campaign was to focus on the core MYMC audience of the Fit Individual but draw interest from further groups, specifically weight loss and fresh food audiences, who share similar sentiments of health vs convenience.

The concept leveraged the insight that for fit individuals, too much time and energy is lost to meal prepping, which often results in uninspiring, same-same meals for the week ahead. This is represented by the cultural phenomenon — the ‘Sunday Scaries’ — referring to the anxiety of returning to the working week.

Not your typical one-size-fits-all campaign

The ‘Take Back Sunday’ campaign kicked off with a punchy tone-setting manifesto, which was translated into a hero BVOD film. This was supported by a raft of OOH deliveries, digital and social content too. From tapping into key MYMC influencers that embody the spirit of the Fit Individual, to more product-centric content; each element and touchpoint was carefully considered and refined to make the most of the channel and placement choice. With the through-line of MYMC challenger spirit maintaining cohesion.

Red is the new black

It didn’t end there however, because in true MYMC spirit, they had chosen to shake up the category yet again by switching to all-red trays — a response to the sea of the same black trays seen on store shelves everywhere.

In burst two of the campaign, we launched the red tray both digitally and through a number of high-value OOH spots to work with across the eastern seaboard —  including a Melbourne CBD 3D billboard. This placement became the hero for the red tray launch, with the new tray leaping off the building and into Melbourne airspace. 

The subsequent locations took a grittier approach, with localised murals packed with all the attitude and challenger character of the My Muscle Chef brand — including one just around the corner from us in Redfern!


Post-campaign the brand uplift was clear in the results, with meaningful increases seen in brand awareness, consideration and preference measures, all while reducing their overall spend. Just as importantly, they were also able to successfully re-focus on and champion their core audience, to foster greater brand loyalty.

‘Sunday Scaries’ — the anxiety felt ahead of returning to the working week.

“We worked with Chello on our rebrand in 2019, and were thrilled by their creative thinking and elevation of the brand. What really stood out to us during the pitch process, was how seamlessly Chello tied in our offering to a relevant cultural insight of the Sunday Scaries. This new era of campaign work gives us that same excited feeling, pushing us away from our competitors and taking us from strength to strength.”

CEO and Co-founder

My Muscle Chef

An exciting opportunity to reconnect with the heart of the brand.

Successfully championing their core audience.

Localised murals packed with all the attitude and challenger character of the My Muscle Chef brand.

Each element was carefully refined to make the most of the channel and placement.

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