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Bringing company purpose to the big screen

It’s easy to forget the importance of your own day-to-day work. So Toll wanted a brand film to remind employees of the purpose at the heart of their business.

With motion graphics, locations across Australia and Asia, sound design, and a comprehensive script, this was not your average company video. After it screened for the first time, Toll’s CEO got up to address the company and simply said, “…and that is why I took this job.”


We are Proud to be Toll

Home safe

The following year Toll turned its focus to safety. With logistics that cross continents, bustling cities, rural areas and some of the most isolated stretches of rail and road, staying safe is something that Toll is always thinking about. They wanted to remind employees of the human impact of safe practices. Again, we delivered a multi-location video to bring forward an issue that mattered deeply to Toll.

Poster of a male Toll employee smiling with the quote
Poster for Toll with six employees in uniform with the words
Poster for Toll with a female employee smiling into the camera with the quote

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