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Me, my autism and I

Household laundry staple, Vanish, won Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising Award with their pitch to create a short film that highlights the gender gap in autism diagnoses. The storyline was based on the insight that clothes can be a lifeline among autistic people, offering a source of comfort while navigating the ups and downs of life with autism. For Vanish, this idea really brought home the fact that their role, in keeping these clothes the same, wash after wash, really matters. It’s this moment of meaning that we love, a truth that allows Vanish to authentically join and impact the conversation. Not to mention the incredible performance of the film’s autistic lead talent Ash, who had never acted before this commercial. 

Moving millions

Exide, India’s no.1 automotive battery brand, wanted to convey their nationwide impact, moving people from all kinds of communities, for all kinds of reasons, across India every day. They captured this idea with a moving tapestry, featuring art from various indigenous folk styles, across a diverse range of cultures and territories. This was then set in sonic motion to an ethno-fusion track, using instruments intrinsic to India. The result of this approach is that there is a little piece of meaning in the film for everyone.

What is (your favourite) colour?

A delightful piece from Adobe, who challenged Eddie Opara, partner at Independent design company Pentagram New York, to explain what makes colour one of the most meaningful design tools at our disposal. From the different meanings a colour can convey in a multitude of contexts, to navigating the subjectivity that comes with the space. Eddie expertly explains how designers can bring a greater sense of objectivity to how they use colour through structure and considered applications. And ultimately, through colour, change the way people consider the world to be — a pretty cool superpower.

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