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Where’s Josh? Our annual retreat kicked off with a bang, and one man left behind. Quick logistical update and we were back on track. The aforementioned Josh had missed the flight to Adelaide, calling for a connection through Melbourne, and a rendezvous with our new Associate Creative Director, Ingrid, who had very gamely accepted the invite just the day before when she was also offered the job. Crisis averted, and ‘numpty points’ assigned — at this time ‘numpty points’ had a rather more uncouth name.

Thus began two days of food, fun, and Fringe Festival. Here’s what we learnt about each other…

3 things you can tell about our boss by the way she planned retreat


She’s pro a little skin on show

Did she, or didn’t she know? It’s the question without a firm answer. Either way, the facts are clear, our beloved leader sent us to a burlesque-esque show, complete with all the customary ‘physical theatre’ activities we did not expect. The special highlight — ‘double sponging’ — we’ll leave you to use your imagination on this one.

Good food is a must

When it comes to a feed, Linds never disappoints. Every stop featured fine beverages and all forms of culinary delight. She knows her people, and her people are typically hungrier than a toddler at tea time.

The only way she could think of shutting us up for 15 minutes was to lock us in a shipping container

So again, how much did she or didn’t she know about this booking? Either way, we were all locked in a pitch-black shipping container on tiny hospital beds, encouraged to swallow a mystery pill and told to stay quiet; all while a bloke that sounded suspiciously like Alan Partridge whispered in our ears. The overall effect was intended to mimic a coma — nothing says creative agency retreat quite like blind trust.

3 things we discovered about our team


The motion design team have lungs

Next time we need to pull together a karaoke crew, we won’t be looking much further than our dynamic motion duo, Issy and Joel. They’re never shy of a big challenge, we just didn’t realise this goes beyond animation. Watching Joel flex his vocal cords was a thing to behold, and hear. Passion in motion.

We’re not to be trusted in airports

So we’ve already covered Josh’s little mix-up, but just while we were sorting the fall-out of that little hurdle, another promptly reared its head. After everyone was properly accounted for and on the bus, our ‘shrinking violet’ Account Director, Chelo, announced that she may have left her phone in the airport bathroom. Cue the kindness of strangers, as the phone was located and left with security to be picked up by… you guessed it, JOSH — everything happens for a reason guys, and a welcome chance for the chronic over-sleeper to redeem himself. 

The ’80s is Tris’ natural habitat

Judging by the way he pulls off a moustache and an Adidas tracksuit combo, this was the day Tris was waiting for as we headed out in all forms of neon activewear. We hit the streets of Adelaide to bask in a silent disco walking tour, promptly becoming known as the Xanadu Swarm. A liberating experience for all involved, and perhaps more of a concern for the locals that came into contact with us on their way home from a day at the office.

And finally, 3 things we learnt about Adelaide


That chocolate factories don’t employ oompa loompa slave labour

A relief to get that question answered on our visit to the historic Haigh’s Chocolate Factory — a bucket list item ticked off for Lindsay. And we think they enjoyed hosting us. Even if the in-depth grilling from Simon did push their limits a little — strategists gonna be strategists right!?

Their pints are… well… not pints

Now this was a little confusing for some, as their ‘very affordable pints’ appeared in what looked like schooner glasses, resulting in some pretty alarmed faces to say the least.  While still others were well-watered enough not to even clock that they weren’t, in fact, sipping on a good ol’ imperial pint.

We weren’t entirely sure if the term ‘radelaide’ was ironic

But turns out Adelaide is in fact, totally radelaide, and not the mythic missing line from Alanis Morissette’s ’90s banger. But in all seriousness, thanks to everyone who hosted us, entertained us, and most importantly, put up with us. Another expertly-crafted trip by Linds… full of inspiring, enlightening, freeing, and shall we say, ‘engaging’ events. 

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