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A pictureless picture by Mastercard

We love how Mastercard and Westpac have ventured into inclusive filmmaking with Australia’s first feature-length pictureless film. Not something to watch, but something to experience. The upcoming film allows those who are visually impaired and sighted to experience the art of film equally. 

The film was released following Westpac becoming the first Australian branch to roll out accessible cards for those with visual impairments. A ‘touching’ innovation in accessibility, and film.

Nike’s instruments of running

Now let’s time-travel back to 2010 and the release of the Nike Free Run+ running shoe. Twist them, pull them, bend them, this fun video showcases the flexibility of the running shoe with a groovy twist. Nike reminds us of the power of playful content in bringing to life, sometimes dryer, features and benefits — we think we’ve discovered our new favourite instrument.

Gameday chaos with Coca-Cola

Finally, Coca-Cola perfectly captures the chaos of a big family get-together in this cinematically familiar short film. Directed by ‘The Bear’ director, Chris Storer. The film captures the nerve-wracking experience of meeting the family for the first time, with the look and feel of the award-winning television series. We love how Coca-Cola bridges the gap between advertising and TV in this contextually appropriate short film.

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