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As close to too-weird as you can get

We’ve all seen Vegemite’s recent campaign, tapping the well of nostalgia to play up the meaning of the brand in Aussie’s lives. Now their yeasty cousins from the Northern Hemisphere are having their own go with a very different angle. Playing up their iconic ‘you either love it or you hate it’ truth, with an ad that you’ll either love or hate. We love it.

Pets aren’t just pets

A lovely little series from online pet supplies brand Chewy, who playfully bring to life the meaningful value pets bring to our lives. We love the execution on this one; from simple witty scripts, to the CGI pets. No to mention the exquisite choice of VO for each animal.

It’s possible, by Pinterest

Wrapping up this week with a pitch perfect series from Pinterest, who nail the use case and value they offer with a series of short user moments dripping with touches of culture. A bit of a flex from Pinterest, as they drop and pretence to explain what’s going on, because you know, and you’re already imagining what your episode would look like.

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