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The bridging loan specialists

Bridgit offers the only flexible bridging loan option in a space known for tedious, slow processes. Bridgit approached Chello to develop a brand identity and positioning that would propel them into the market and highlight their unique offering.

Bridgit, made for today

The strategy asked a key question; why are we letting the biggest decisions in our lives be defined by old processes, when we wouldn’t stand for it anywhere else? Behind this was the insight that big institutions hadn’t modernised their bridging loan product, simply because it wasn’t convenient to do so. This meant the new brand needed to take a ‘yes, let’s do this’ mentality, focussing on their key difference — loans made for today, making it easier for people to take their next step in life.

Just Bridgit

The visual expression was inspired by the Bridgit audience, whether they’re upsizing, downsizing, or just looking for something new, Bridgit will make it happen. We created a flexible grid to convey the idea of upsizing, downsizing or covering a wide area to provide a meaningful layout system.

The use of two colours within the new logo, provides a subtle cue to the construction of the word ‘Bridgit’, with an arch device incorporated to connect the word. This helped to both define the name and promote its use as a verb (‘just Bridgit’). With the ‘arch’ device also working as a recognisable favicon across brand channels. The colour palette was carefully selected to stand out in category, bringing a fresh feel that’s full of energy.

Meet Bridgit

The next piece was to launch the new brand with a bang. Building awareness and clearly conveying the benefits, while capturing the energy and character of the business. Enter Bridget Maya, the delightful hero of Bridgit’s new TVC — crafted and expertly produced at speed by the Chello team in-house. This was supported by a suite of static imagery, shot by the ever excellent Oliver Freeman.

A cheeky nod to the name, while also delivering the benefits, and 12 separate references to Bridgit either spoken or seen, in one comedic 30 second ad. A memorable introduction on so many levels, supported by 15 and 30 second radio ads. Watch the TVC here.

Bridging loans, made for today

The culmination is a distinct and vibrant brand, one that clearly conveys its energy and strategic focus to stand out in category. Neatly reflecting the role Bridgit plays in offering consumers an easier and quicker way to be proactive, and keep moving forwards in life. With the visual identity claiming Bronze in the 2022 Indigo awards.

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