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Rebranding the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage

Caleb & Brown is the leading cryptocurrency brokerage in Australia, with ambitions to establish their service model in this new asset class worldwide. After years of growth, both nationally and internationally, it was time to review the brand and ensure it truly represents Caleb & Brown and their offering.

A strategic framework based around people

Extensive research including customer surveys, customer roundtables and stakeholder interviews indicated the need to provide legitimacy and prove value amongst a tide of get-rich-quick sentiment, market volatility and speculation. A strategic framework was developed to provide a sense of the future of cryptocurrency. This included the brand message ‘Your cryptocurrency brokerage’, honing in on the importance of the broker-client relationship.

Finding inspiration within their name

The resulting brand has strong ties to the narrative built, leaning on the ampersand already found in their name. Caleb & Brown take a human-centred approach to helping clients navigate the opportunities of crypto. This led us to bringing the ampersand to the fore, using it to represent both relationships and endless possibilities.

By replacing ‘Caleb’ and ‘Brown’ with various combinations of nouns, verbs, adjectives or names, the conjunction ‘&’ allows us to easily identify Caleb & Brown in the sea of crypto exchanges and brokers.

Heroing relationships and endless possibilities

The space between traditional finance and crypto was balanced with navy and a bright pink, paired with clean sans-serif fonts. With a focus on long-term growth and high-quality products, Caleb & Brown’s need for a distinct brand cuts through with a purely typographic visual identity.

The ampersand is seen across print and digital executions. Heroing relationships within Caleb & Brown, relationships with their clients and the plethora of coins in which they trade, to the different countries their clientele are found.

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