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Caleb & Brown campaign
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    Caleb & Brown

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    Localising global brands

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Everyone and their Doge has an opinion. We have the facts.

When it came to creating Caleb & Brown’s new brand launch campaign, we considered both the brand we had just built, and the plethora of crypto ads that had recently gone live around Super Bowl 2022. What we noticed was that the general approach for the category was anchored too heavily around FOMO. This presented Caleb & Brown with the opportunity to clearly leverage their new brand, positioning themselves as the calm heads in the room, and pushing back against unsolicited advice and hysteria by offering the facts.

A full-house effort

The campaign was produced entirely in-house at Chello. From campaign strategy and concept, to scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, design elements, shoot and edit. Not to mention the supporting content rollout.

This enabled us to retain clear sight of the core idea throughout. Delivering a campaign that both looks incredible and delivers on the new brand proposition.

Oh, and we got to cast one very well-behaved Shiba Inu, Pocari.

Legitimising the asset class

Released on BVOD, and supported by a series of character snapshots across social media, the campaign received a hugely positive reception. Clearly articulating who the new Caleb & Brown are, and where they stand within the emerging world of crypto. A leader that is legitimising the asset class beyond its usual sphere.

Conceived and produced entirely in-house at Chello.

“They’ve nailed everything from the brand refresh to the website to the campaign creatives.”

Head of Sales and Marketing

Caleb & Brown

Clearly articulating who the new Caleb & Brown are: A category leader legitimising the asset class.

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