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Liqui Moly campaign
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    Liqui Moly

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    Localising global brands

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Introducing Liqui Moly to Australia

Liqui Moly is a globally recognised and respected premium automotive oil, lubricant and additives brand; with an international reputation for quality, attention to detail, innovation and depth of range. However, after nine years in Australia they were still largely unknown and struggling to connect with a captive motor enthusiast and workshop audience. We were tasked with changing this.

A meaningful role in their story

The creative reveals the meaningful role Liqui Moly plays for automotive enthusiasts. Told through the stories of three people, each covering a different category; performance, restoration and community; connecting automotive passion and the role Liqui Moly plays to support it.

Capturing performance moments

Partnering with Qube Productions, we shot the three stories at multiple locations over three days; as well as directing a suite of still photography shot by Sam Venn. Being an automotive brand, nailing the sound design was critical. As was the careful product placement within each story, never overt, but seamlessly integrated into each garage scene.

Careful product placements within each garage scene.

Revealing the meaningful role Liqui Moly plays for automotive enthusiasts.

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