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Finger-lickin’ daylight robbery

You’ve heard of the Tinder Swindler, but another shameless trickster has been darkening the doorways of KFCs across South Africa. Word spread far and wide on social media that someone was visiting KFC restaurants across the country, posing as a quality assurance inspector and, while the truth of this assertion has not been confirmed, it does demonstrate the extraordinary lengths people will go to for the irresistible finger-lickin’-good-taste of the world’s most famous chicken.

We loved this story. It ties in with their strategic positioning so well, and cements the idea of chicken that tastes so good, you’d want to steal it. A beautifully shot and directed video that oozes style.

A stranger way to pay

QT hotels put their core proposition — where everything is far from ordinary — into action, with the offer of free stays in exchange for your queerest curiosities; the value of which is assessed by their ‘Director of chaos’. The offer is presented in this rich production, steeped in QT character, launching a curious currency that rewards individuality and creativity.

We liked it because it tangibly brings QT’s uniqueness and space in the market to life. Putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak.

Summer never sleeps

Kathmandu’s new summer campaign takes the concept ‘we’re out there’ and runs with it. Dialing up the quirky, asking customers to embrace spontaneity, venture somewhere new, and do something unexpected. This as Kathmandu puts it, is their way of playing a meaningful role in summer.

We enjoyed the quirkiness and energy of the campaign. Creatively merging their products with a sometimes jarring, slightly surreal story. It’s a video that makes you want to watch it over and over again, to catch all the clever combinations of real life, illustration and special effects.

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