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Discover a tote-ally new way to live

After a very successful launch of LIV Mirvac’s first build-to-rent offering, Indigo, at Sydney Olympic Park in 2020, we were challenged to stretch the brand further for LIV’s next move into the Melbourne CBD, on the edge of Melbourne’s Queen Victoria market.

Named after a local business that once operated on the same site, Munro will attract residents who want to live differently and build their own community, putting their own stamp on the future of this historic cultural precinct.

Carry on canvas

By introducing a new way of renting, LIV is creating and leading an exciting new category. Operating outside the confines of traditional housing models, we were encouraged to celebrate the less conventional LIV style and grab attention. Educating and attracting new audiences for this compelling rental opportunity.

Taking inspiration from the buzzing market neighbours on Munro’s doorstep, we asked ourselves the question, if the future creative and curious inhabitants of Munro were a bag, what bag would they be? The answer was obvious, a tote bag. A blank canvas that’s practical and sustainable, but fashionable, becoming a reflection of who they are, based on the items that fill it.

Now we had our focal point, it was time to weave in the story…

A love story like no other

We gave a down on his luck tote bag, Toby, a starring role in his very own love story. Following his move into LIV Munro, we see a blossoming relationship with the loveable tote, Tori. Through Tori and his new surroundings, Toby Tote discovers a tote-ally new way to live — just like the true love interest of any good rom-com, the line was right there in front of us all along.

Beyond the pun however, ‘discover a totally new way to live’, was the perfect angle to articulate the LIV Munro value proposition. A place where new residents can help shape their community and set a new standard for vibrant urban living.

Toby, Tori and the other bags we meet along the way, personify this diverse group of people that will come together and deliver the energy to drive the new LIV Munro community.

Breathing life into…bags

The campaign is split into four, one hero video in a rom-com trailer style, and three subsequent episodes. Each one feels like a scene from the film, landing a key component of the LIV experience.

We spent a somewhat surreal day shooting, shifting and filling tote bags before handing over to our illustration and motion team to expertly bring them to life.

Sound played an important role too, both in portraying a rich diversity of characters, as well as the little touches that amped up the comedy. To achieve this we made the most of both professional talent, and our own in-house voice actors.

An unmistakably LIV campaign

The result is a comedic series packed with LIV humour, and most importantly, benefits. A fun campaign that’s always aware of its purpose. With an overarching story of positivity and self-discovery, told through an array of bag puns, with a likeable canvas wrapper.

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