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Launching the Tiggo 7 Pro

After the successful launch of the Omoda 5 earlier this year, Chery tasked us to come up with a campaign to launch the Tiggo 7 Pro in Australia. Their much anticipated second act, the Tiggo 7 Pro is an already globally-popular SUV, prioritising comfort, technology, and safety for families unwilling to compromise on these features.

Chery goes family

Where the model’s name ‘Tiggo’ is actually derived from ‘Tiger’, it also occurred to us that when broken up phonetically it starts to develop into a verb, ‘To-go’, the core action and intention that a car is purchased for.

You use your car ‘to go’ places, but Tiggo, with all of its comfort of modern luxury and technology, not only are you going places in your car, with the Tiggo you ‘want to go’ in your car.

We captured this idea through the excitement and wonder of a young boy, who after seeing his father drive away to work in the family’s Tiggo, becomes all consumed with the idea to go for an adventure in the car himself.

For the campaign statics the verb ‘go’ was evolved to ‘Ready Chery Go’ a nod to another energy filled line full of youthful play, ‘Ready, Steady, Go’. The line was paired with energetic family-orientated photography, and rolled out digitally along with out-of-home placements.

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