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Removing the complexity behind liquidity

ASX rates ecosystem is an integrated network of services delivering transparent, effective access to liquidity, helping customers confidently manage capital and risk.

ASX engaged Chello to create an animated explainer video that pieced together the complexity of this range of ASX services to tell the overarching story of securely accessing financial liquidity.

Having worked with ASX before decoding complexity through slick animated worlds, the challenge we were given was to build on this style to create a distinct video, while still retaining a brand connection to the work that had gone before.

Conveying the theme of liquidity

The brief ASX provided explained that the core theme was liquidity. However there was a tension here as financial liquidity also needs to be handled securely. So our concept needed to deliver a sense of natural flow, while also retaining a semblance of structure.

The first step was to draft an AV script, decoding all the financial language to create a voice over script and supporting visual metaphors that make sense to a financial audience. This involved working closely with ASX to ensure the technical language and visuals were on point.

Rich world building

To bring this ecosystem to life inside a 3D space, iterations of storyboards and style frames were created to visualise each element of the ecosystem. The ecosystem was designed as a map of intersecting pathways. Small spheres, representing the customer, travel through a series of hubs which each represent a different ASX product — a complex world of liquidity with an equally complex construction.

Liquid gold

Or well… blues. Either way we love the outcome of this one. A world of complexity, conveyed beautifully though sumptuous animation. A learning experience for all involved, again proving that even the most complex subject matter can be articulated clearly and engagingly through animation. Roll on the next one!

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