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Explainer origins

Back when we helped LIV create their clear and approachable brand, we also created the original explainer video with it. A bright and engaging animation that lays out who LIV are, the features that underpin their proposition, and the benefits that these deliver to their renters.

With the upcoming launch of LIV’s second building — our brief was to level up this highly effective piece of content in its second iteration.

The original explainer video was an all-animation affair. We proposed to evolve the style by blending this with live-action. The new explainer follows a lead live-action character who engages the audience while interacting with animated touches that bring colour to the story and a connection to the original that was so successful.

The update allowed us to refine the original script and allow the brand to more confidently flex its voice and tone.

A face that fits the LIV brand

Casting our lead talent was key. We needed an approachable face to walk viewers through the LIV story, but with the right comedic edge to mesh with the quirkier side of the LIV brand. Oh and they needed some pretty sharp acting skills — reacting to imaginary animated illustrations that we would add in post-production.

We landed on Carlo Richie, famous for being ‘the one with the mustache’ in The Bear Pack comedic duo. Carlo’s mix of natural humour and improv skills made him perfectly suited to the role. A relatable face to engage and educate the LIV audience.

Building the LIV brand – literally

The project took an interesting twist when we decided to feature the LIV logo as a physical prop to host overlaid animations — further connecting this live-action to animation approach.

Up stepped our Co-founder/Creative Director/Set Builder, Tris, who literally pulled the LIV brand logo together single-handedly over the weekend. When you’re creating a logo in physical form, you better not get a millimetre out of whack. Not to mention the paint mixing — can I get a Pantone code for that please design team?!

And of course Tris nailed it…literally.

We’re really happy with how this update of the explainer shows the progression of the LIV brand, clearly articulating what LIV is in a way that the audience can both relate to and buy into.

Importantly, it proved a highly effective piece of content for LIV, kicking off their introduction to the Melbourne market with LIV Munro, and laying the groundwork for the Toby Tote campaign, which you can find out more about here.

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